Throw lines are a really important bit of safety equipment. They can be stored easily without the rope getting tangled and be ready for use. Most Ajax and Warspite throw lines are between 15m & 20m

There is a really good article here with hints and tips: 

The RNLI’s guide of how to use your throw bag:

A great introduction to throw-ins
Some great tips on how to throw further.

Of course, repacking it is important: .

Always stuff the line into the bag, don’t coil it into the bag. (And we don’t recommend having any additional loops tied in the rope, it just gives something to catch on – which is bad news

An example of throwlines in use: 

From our friends at RNLI Teddington
From a community show

Want to know more?

Here is a manual from another maker:; This is more in depth but it is a great resource to take a read through.

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