Basic knots every Sea Scout should learn

There are 7 knots that are really important to us as Sea Scouts.

They are:

  • Figure of 8 knot: This is used as a stopper knot to stop a rope being pulled through a hole. It can also be doubled up to make a loop.
  • Reef knot: A simple knot for joining 2 ropes. Used to tie up the ropes to reef (make smaller) a sail. Can also be used to tie a triangular bandage into a sling. Not very secure if not loaded. 
  • Round Turn & 2 Half Hitches. Used to tie boats up
  • Clove Hitch. Used to attach a rope to a pole or start a lashing. Works where the pull is straight out
  • Bowline. Used to make a loop which won’t slip
  • Sheet bend. Used to attach 2 ropes together. (a double sheet bend is better where they are 2 different size ropes)
  • Rolling hitch. Used to attach a rope to a spar or another rope where the pull is sideways. Based on the clove hitch.

You should also be able to attach a rope to a cleat, using the OXO knot.

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